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Datacenter virtualization

Virtualization plays a crucial catalytic role for Cloud Computing. In partnership with VMware, the undisputed leader in virtualization, our vast experience of platforms and solutions allows us to manage your private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, to develop and implement robust cloud applications and to offer end users access to cloud computing services. With your own fully customized cloud, accelerated IT services deliver faster results for your business.

Start your transition to the Cloud with server virtualization. Then evolve at your own pace towards a Software-Defined Data Center architecture: virtualize networks, storage and security in order to create virtual Datacenters. Simplify provisioning of IT resources and applications, and make them available to users in minutes. Put the finishing touches on your private cloud by automating management, so as to optimize performance, capacity utilization and compliance.

vSphere with Operations Management is the most reliable virtualization platform on the market, including critical operational improvements in performance monitoring and capacity management. This solution is designed for businesses of all sizes who want to run applications with high service levels and save on hardware by optimizing capacity utilization and consolidation ratios. IT gains visibility in virtual environments, proactively identifies performance issues that arise before taking appropriate action, and optimizes resource usage through a unified console.

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VMware vSOM Virtualization Solution

Disaster Recovery Plans

VMware® vCenter ™ Site Recovery Manager ™ is a disaster recovery solution that enables automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralized disaster recovery plans for all virtualized applications.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager is the market leading solution for disaster recovery management. This solution offers automated orchestration and uninterrupted testing of centralized disaster recovery plans, with simplified disaster recovery management for all virtualized applications. vCenter Site Recovery Manager offers native integration with vSphere Replication and supports a wide range of high-performance array-based replication products to reliably copy virtual machines to different sites, as needed by the enterprise.

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vCenter Site Recovery Manager automates the failover and migration of virtual machines to a secondary site. vCenter Site Recovery Manager leverages vSphere Replication or a storage-based replication product to replicate virtual machines at the recovery site. This solution supports a wide range of third-party replication products.

By basing your deployment on vSphere and complementing it with vCenter Site Recovery Manager, you can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of disaster recovery, through test and management automation. vCenter Site Recovery Manager guarantees fast and highly predictable recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs), allowing automated tests to be performed without interruption of service as often as necessary.